Carson tops Trump in Newest National Poll

Carson tops Trump in Newest National Poll


On Monday, new polls came out showing that Trump was losing to Carson by double digits in Iowa. This morning, new polls came out from CBS showing that Carson is beating Trump with 26 percent of support compared to Trump’s 22 percent. Share your opinion on topics here.

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This is the first time that Trump has not lead the national polls in 3 months. He is now down 5 percentage points over the past 2 weeks, while Carson has gone up 5% in the same time period.

Just like in Iowa, Carson has a strong lead against Trump among evangelical voters. Carson leads Trump by 20% with this group.

Although these numbers look great for Carson, his support is more fluid than Trumps. About 4 in 5 Carson supporters said that they could still change their minds about whom they will vote for, while over half of Trump’s supporters have already made up their mind in favor of Trump.

In the past, Trump has shown a lot of respect towards Carson. Now that Carson is rising, he is starting to attack. He recently commented that Carson was even more low energy than Jeb Bush. “We need high-energy people,” Trump said.

He even had strange comments about Carson’s religion. “I’m Presbyterian,” Trump said. “Boy, that’s down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh Day Adventist — I don’t know about. I just don’t know about.”

Carson really had nothing to say about Trump’s comments, “I don’t get into the mud pit,” Carson said. Get rewarded for your opinion on topics here.


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